Everyone always says “go to college go to college. No one will not hire you if your not educated.” Will here’s the deal. I’m am African American teen that graduated Valedictorian of her high school class, and guess what? I can not afford to go to college. So now what do I do? Please don’t say apply for scholarships because that I already did. Guess what? I still can’t afford college. All I want to do is excise my right to be educated but it’s almost like my right is being taking away from me.



Tiffany Evans takes fans on a journey to her career path as she preps to make her come-back. Tiff shares personal moments over the past few years as she narrates the journey as she re-introduces herself to the world. Check it out Here.



Yvette Wilson who is known for playing the character Andell on Moesha & The Parkers passed away tonight after battling cervical cancer. She was just 48 years young :( Rest In Peace Ms. Wilson! 

aw damn and I was just watching The Parkers today…R.I.P

"If You Love Me" Lyric Game


Fourth Lyric:

“I remember when you you you”

Keep checking Tiff’s Twitter (@Mstiffevans) for more lyrics to play the game! And remember her NEW single “If You Love Me” dropping on June 8th!

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